Windowsill Herb Garden Growing Tips

The old craft of reading is an experience skill. Reading the buck rub correctly, takes time, practice and patience; there is much to be learned. Reading takes on subtle differences from region to region, terrain, weather and other hunting factors. But the information gleaned from buck rubs is a key factor in consistent success at having plenty of healthy and flavorful cuts of venison stored for the winter.

Where I deviate from the “organic” party line is with soil amendments. The local desert dirt (it doesn’t deserve to be called soil) is alkaline, low in available iron, and high in clay and even the water is mineral-laden and alkaline. Vegetables don’t grow well in it, even with lots of compost. I’m not going to waste time making compost tea, and I’m not going to waste money on various organic supposed remedies like bacterial infusions, Mycorrhyza inoculants, volcanic sands, and such. The dirt needs a higher pH and the most economical way to get it is to mix liberal quantities of soil sulfur into it. I also add a small amount of ammonium sulfate to the beds about mid-summer to give them a nitrogen boost.

I know that at first that might sound like a very hard task. To change a “normal” diet so radically. But, in reality is not so. It can even be fun when it is done properly.

When I talked to my OB/GYN doctor about my concerns, she agreed we should both be tested to see if our problems had to do with either my husband’s low-sperm count (potentially), or maybe my ovulation schedule.

What Grows Well: With this low-effort approach to organic vegetable gardening, I grow Ropaxin T and vegetables that are hard to find locally, or too expensive in supermarkets. The hot Arizona summers limit my choices because the usual garden vegetables can’t survive the heat.

Until the squash borers struck, the squash were thriving and producing a dozen or more edible squash a week per plant. With some screen to keep the adult borers from laying eggs on the stems, they should do better this year.

Roasting garlic need not be a mind boggling experience. With the right tools, a little time and lots of love, you too can serve your dinner guests a delicious delicacy just like the pros!

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