Why Get A Baby Monitor?

If you are looking for the best video baby monitor for your needs and are comparing features and prices, you’ve come to the right place. Motorola is the most popular brand of video baby monitor at the time of writing. Here, I will give you as much information as possible comparing two models at different ends of the spectrum: the Motorola MBP36 – the 3.5″ screen model and the MBP28 – the smaller model with a 1.8″screen. Both models offer color video screens. This smaller model only came to the US market earlier in 2012, whereas the MBP36 has been around since about July 2011.

Summer Infant hand held video monitors-February 11th,2011, over 58,000 products were recalled.According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission-The battery in the hand held video monitor can over heat causing a burning hazard to the kids.

Night time brings another set of issues. Make sure your child is comfortable as possible. A infant optics dxr-8 review is a good product that can help you and your child rest better. Some of the features include vibration notice, sound notice, visual verification and alarms. These products allow you to check on your child without getting out of bed. Most of these types of products have a range large enough to reach anywhere in a large size house.

Burlington Basket Company Bassinets-February 16th, over 500,00 products were recalled.According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission- If the cross-bracing rails are not fully locked into position, the bassinet can collapse causing the child to fall out.

Video: Of course the video is the big plus for this monitor. It is not just a fuzzy picture of something that resembles your baby. It is a clear color picture. In night mode, it is a black and white picture, though still very clear. You can see every move your child makes. It also has an auto-shut off mode for the video image to save the battery life.

Car seats. All though I recommend that you buy an infant car seat at first, there are also car seats that are reversible. No matter which one that you purchase, buy a swaddle that lays in the car seat. The swaddles come in different colors, sizes, and have many different name that they are called. This will also help to protect the babies head when driving down the road and it will comfort the baby because it puts it in a tighter fit.

There are several types of monitors available to fit the needs of any new parent and child. Sites such as SafetyEd or retailers who have baby merchandise are a great starting point for more information about baby monitors or for browsing the many monitors that are on the market. Investing in a baby monitor is an investment in the safety of any new baby.

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