Weekly Food Prep Creates Easier, Faster And Healthier Meals

There is no possible way that I could do all the work involved with running our household of seven. The amount of laundry alone is a week-long chore. Add to that all of the meal prep, dishes, yardwork, and necessary house cleaning.

So how can you ensure supper can be a well balanced, nutrient-packed meal? Strategy, and program some extra. Even though we’re much more likely to expended time preparing supper vs . other every day meals, it really is also a meal that can very easily get derailed. You strategy to grill chicken breasts and vegetables, but then belatedly remember your son features a baseball game or it’s open house at college. So it really is chicken nuggets all about.

It was at that moment I could have walked to Timbuktu and NEVER come back. All because of something so small… a packed cluttered cupboard. So small, but so important.

Keeping your floor clean is important in your kitchen also. Getting in the habit of sweeping after meal prep desert and eating (if you have an eat-in kitchen) will help it appear cleaner. Washing your floor is so much easier than in grandma’s day with disposable pads for sweepers. Chose what works best for you by determining how high traffic your space is and what kind of flooring you have.

Read a book like “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World” Painting pictures of apples or make apple stencils out of the slices. Chopping the apples and baking into applesauce. Singing a harvest or song of apples. Slicing the apple and talking about the star inside.

First, use a calendar to schedule everything you need to do each day. Don’t leave anything out. Schedule your shower, your workout, each meal (including time for meal prep), your appointments, and your study time.

Upon her advice, we installed a sliding pot shelf and a spice rack along with several vertical stacking trays inside the cabinets. We’ve made more room out of our existing space which seems to improve how we use, wash, and put away supplies.

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