The Perfect Golf Swing Through Improved Posture And Balance

The Dave Way anti-slice swing scheme is for folks who are struggling with their golf swing and can’t discover a way to get free of their slice. If left unattended your golf swing trouble can get worse and could even be the cause of you giving up the game altogether, but if you choose to make an effort to better your performance you could hit the ball straight and start enjoying your moment on the golf course.

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Before the takeaway process which starts the backswing, concentrate on a full shoulder turn. Think less about mechanics and more on the shoulder turn. At the top of the backswing, ideally you want your back to be pointed towards the target before you begin the downswing motion. Concentrate solely on the full shoulder turn every time to initiate a solid, repeatable golf swing motion.

Books and the internet may be excellent sources of golfing lessons but everything you get here are just theories and you won’t progress as a player if you stick with those. So where can you find golfing lessons?

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It will be, roughly, the point in the downswing that we reach before the arm-shaft angle opens up much.. The move brings us down to ensure our hands are nearly opposite our right leg, our weight is about equally distributed but moving toward our left leg, the body is beginning to bow out towards the left, the right elbow is nestled against the hip bone, and also the club is nearing a horizontal position.

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The Perfect Golf Swing Through Improved Posture And Balance

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