Sell Your Home By Improving Curb Appeal

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Landscaping is a fine art”. And just like other arts, it is done through meticulous planning and passion. But let’s not get carried away, anyone who has the time and interest can landscape their own garden. For those of you who fit that description, I am here to simplify the process and offer you 5 simple tips on how to landscape your garden.

You could choose to intern or work at a garden supply store, preferably a store which focuses on plants and flowers. Try working with small stores as they will provide more experience in working with plants than larger mega stores or home improvement stores. Moreover, smaller stores will help you gain experience in working with certain tools which will help you later on.

Sometimes in a front yard design you may want to screen off the yard from the street. Almost create a wall that separates your property from the others and that provides some interest. Having an actual wall built can get costly, but a less costly alternative is to have hedges. These hedges will vary in type and size depending on your needs and desires. The best methodology is clean and simple. Understated and to the point.

Always choose native plants to include in your landscape if possible. This will make the landscape easier to maintain while allowing it to be different than other people’s landscapes. Plants that are naturally comfortable in your region will certainly require less attention than those that are not. Native plants will also need less attention.

I hope learning how to care for your enormous backyard garden just got easier with the tips listed above. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy that nap in your hammock!

Pruning Tools – Shrubs and bushes need regular pruning to fit in your desired shape, size and Dragonfly Landscape Design. Pruning tools are also effective in getting rid of the dry branches in your garden.

Most individuals place plants at the edge of their house or property. This is nice, but you also want to use a variety of shrubs and other plants in different places too. You can increase the visual depth of your plantings this way. Your home will look further away from the street, which is a good thing.

If you do frequent maintenance, you should not encounter any problems with your garden or your lawn. In case you wouldn’t like to do it all the time, you should hire someone to do it for you.

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