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Pepper Spray allows you to defend yourself against attackers of any size. It provides you with a very effective means of quickly neutralizing an attacker giving you ample time to escape. Its effects are devastating to the attacker but are temporary and short lived, usually lasting about 20 minutes or so. These defensive sprays come in a wide variety of styles and many are even concealed in every day items such as cell phones and lipstick cases. Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states however some states and cities do have some restrictions so it’s always best to check with your local authorities.

The 3-in-1 Security Guard measures 15″ in length and has a handle circumference of 4-1/2″. The handle is made of aluminum with a non-slip grip. The lamp circumference measures 6-1/2″ and is made of ABS plastic. Just like a Maglite flashlight baton, it is bigger in the light bulb end and tapers to the smaller circumferential size in the aluminum handle end. The light bulb is a halogen bulb which is several times brighter than a regular flashlight.

Imagine yourself lost in the woods and your cell phone is not getting a signal. Then you have to revert to yelling your head off for help. You’re in the forest, so how far do you think your voice travels? Not far!

Runt Mini Stun gun. It is a very small, light and easy to use stun gun. It fits nicely in your hand or pocket and can be used on the attacker even if he is touching you since the electricity will not pass through to you.

Its a good thing I had a personal alarm for children with me because I got off the bike stepped sideways till I found the wall of the tunnel, sounded the alarm so Kelly could come towards me so we couldn’t get ran over.

By using a small bottle of pepper spray someone can bring an attacker to their knees from up to 15 feet away. If your child finds themselves in a situation with an aggressive attacker all they have to do is push down on the top of the bottle and they will gain the upper hand. The best part is this will give them anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to escape and find help.

This is a great self defense tool that you can use at home or keep in your car. For women who need added peace of mind, this is the stun gun baton that is perfect for home use.

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Self Defense-Non Lethal Self Defense Items-Product Reviews

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