Republic Day Parade In New Delhi, India

Well, the first reason is because you have to. Airlines require that all luggage have proper identification. This is for carry-on bags as well as checked luggage. An easily identifiable tag of your own is the best for this.

The Eastern Command was in existence, but the IAF never carried out any exercises for hill attacks and operations. All the exercises were carried out for operations in the plains. This is hard to stomach now and the role of successive Air Chiefs from Air Marshal S Mukherjee down wards needs evaluation. The IAF was not conditioned for any form of operation in the hills and the heights of the Himalayas. However the IAF was combat ready for operations in the plains. Thus when the PLA moved in a logical corollary would have been to use the IAF as a ground support to blunt the Chinese offensive. This however did not happen and the Army fought it’s battle without Air Support. Thus the cardinal principle of Douhet was thrown to the winds.

This battle was the cornerstone of Hitler’s domination over Europe. The French capitulated inside 40 days and the much fancied French army lost. In this the audaciousness of Hitler and his generals paid dividend. They put to good use the Schiffilian plan and surprised the French by advancing through the Low Countries. The French army thus had the enemy in its rear. The battle is important for speed and the lightening thrust of the German army that left Hitler as the Master of Europe.

Indian Army is one of the finest institutions in the country. The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world, just behind China and the United States, in terms of numbers. The Indian Army Result is a force to reckon with. India has won three out of the four wars it has fought in the past sixty years. India is upgrading its missiles and ammunition and modernizing its army to meet new challenges of the 21st century. Thus, army jobs are now more exiting with facilities like night vision glasses provided to the soldiers.

An optional visit to the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is available Agra is known for its leatherware,sweetmeats, and historical monuments including the Taj mahal. and last transfer to hotel.

The British ruled India for a long time and their most favourite place of residence was the hill stations. Lansdowne forms the rather quiet location for the British, unlike other hill stations. Cottages built by the British have now been transformed by the locals into hotels providing comfortable accommodation for the tourists. Fairydale is one such Landsowne resort. With 5 rooms, the place provides a living experience of that of the Britons. The cottage is built of wood, and the rooms have been transformed to places of function for the hotel. The resort is known for its food outsourced to outdoor caterers. The place was built in the year 1912, and it will be completing 100 years in 2012.

The newspaper was torn after this line. I wish I could continue to translate the story. Once I thought to produce my own lines to conclude the story but my heart said that it would be an injustice to the poor mother’s tale. I put my notebook back into my pocket and began to move towards the main gate of the park. Everybody was looking for the new possibilities.

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