Playground Equipment Safety

Hey guys, Hi! I am Mr. Spell from Toy Story. I hope you remember me for all those useful seminars and for helping Andy’s toys figure out who stole Woody! Now, I am here to tell you the different aspects that you got to see before you introduce a new toy to your kid. Choosing safe play toys for your kids is the most pivotal part and you can do this by checking every minute detail given in the instruction manual.

Test surfaces for hardness. Hard surfaces pose the risk of a head injury or fractures. Safe surfaces are made of shock-absorbing materials, such as mulch, wood chips, sand, fine gravel, and rubber matting materials.

C. Some people turn old tires into planters. Just fill the inside of the tire with dirt and put a plant in the center. The black rubber helps keep the plant warm; people in hot climates may want to paint them a lighter color. More elaborate planters can be created as well.

Discuss safety issues – sun safety, road safety, playground safety and stranger danger. Don’t take it for granted that they know how to deal with these issues on their own.

The next point of 안전놀이터 to consider is if the equipment itself is structurally sound. Anything that appears to be protruding, sharp or pointy should be sanded or otherwise removed. Open “s” hooks can cause harm by catching on clothing. Protrusions are not the only things that should be watched for. Hinges or links in a chain that can pinch little fingers should be done away with. In addition, any kids playground set that looks like it could have a tripping hazard should be avoided. Guardrails in the right places can prevent falls and keep your children safe from injury. The recommendation is that any structure that is more than three feet off the ground should have a guardrail.

You cannot stop your kids from playing or even cannot stop accidents to occur but by using this excellent Playground equipment you can reduce the accident rate. Rubber mulch acts as a cushion on playground or any other hard surface and bounces your kid back when they fall on it.

Even if your child is returning to school be sure to take photos or video, as a memento. It’s also fun to compare photos of your child from one year to the next to see how much they’ve grown and changed.

Playground safety tiles are specifically designed to offer maximum protection. They minimise the risk of slipping and tripping, and if a child falls, then they have a nice, cushioned surface to land on. You can pick up rubber safety tiles for a reasonable price and they are relatively easy to install. If you’re play area has any equipment where falling is an issue, such as a climbing frame or slide, then you should really think about installing playground safety tiles for complete protection.

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