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Weddings are a time of joy and love. Little girls seem to dream of their future wedding date by the time they start talking. Weddings are something that most everyone knows about years before it is their time to walk down the aisle. When the time does come, there are all sorts of planning that needs to be made. One of the most important however, is finding that perfect photographer that will capture perfect memories on one the most memorable days that many people will have.

Most important of all wear comfortable shoes. Shoes you can walk miles in because you will be standing, and walking for hours. Often the floors are hard so have something with cushioning to take the wear off your knees. This is one time you need to think about dress and shoes like a man – comfort comes first!

For example, I know a Wedding band in New Jersey that is top notch…musically that is. They are a nice group of guys, and really aim to satisfy their clients. However, they honestly believe loud sound pressure levels improve their performance. Even if guests ask them to, “turn it down a bit”, they will reduce the levels temporally, but get them back up after a few songs. Their web site is very impressive, but interestingly enough, no space has been allotted for customer reviews. Now why might that be?

In order to get the pictures of your dreams you need to be sure that you find the right wedding photographer essex. This may take some trial and error, but it is worth spending some time to be certain that you find a person who fits with your needs and your personality.

Find out what other clients are saying about him. Are they happy about his service? Will they refer him to other people? The answers to these questions will help you determine the quality of service the photographer provides.

Start searching, collecting the names of friends, family and vendors, and search for local wedding photographers websites. Spend a little time on sites, read reviews, and imagine that you see in pictures. Narrow your search to 3-5 choices.

The next part of the equation is price. Does the quality of their work match their prices? Are you getting a poor, fair or great value in the asking price? A simple way to find out the answer is to ask the candidate a few questions. What kind of equipment do they use? This includes cameras, lenses, lighting, on and off camera flashes, and editing software. If you’re having an indoor or nighttime wedding you’ll definitely want to have some lighting and at the very least a flash.

The great news for couples on a budget for a wedding photographer, is that you can still find a great value if you ask the right questions and shop around. Talented photographers are everywhere and most are willing to travel so it’s a great time to be looking for the ideal fit. Best wishes for hiring the perfect photographer for your wedding day. May your images be everything you hope for and more!

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