Nursing Career Question – Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Nurse?

“The next century will be dominated by the concerns of the elderly” affirms Ken Minaker, MD., Chief of Geriatric Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor at Harvard Medical School. By the year 2050, our average life expectancy is projected to be 82.6 years (up from today’s average life expectancy of 72.1 years for men and 78.8 years for women.) The census bureau predicts that 3 million baby boomers will live to be 100 years old or more!

As you understand these routes you will want to choose one and stick with it. There are a lot of people that do not understand that even when times get rough it will end up paying off in the long run in your profession.

But this isn’t the end of the story. I scraped every nickel I could find to go to South Africa with a group of social psychologists from the People to People program. I was changed by that trip. The South African people are struggling to survive and do good work with far less resources than we have in the US and their hope and faith is huge and almost palpable. The experience of the South African history, people, and landscape touched my heart forever. I returned to the US enriched and energized.

In the search for ourselves, we disassembled the people that we had become in order to please parents, grandparents, and children. We now reassembled ourselves and included all the parts, previously wanted or unwanted. The new, reassembled people were much more than the old ones could ever hope to be, wiser, more stable, more skilled, more humble, and with more to offer.

That being said, it is still a tough decision. If you go to school for just one year, you will probably be unable to convert credits to RN CEUs school. On the other hand if you go for two years, you will be making much less than a nurse. It’s times like these where you need to do a lot of research and make a decision that will benefit you.

I have been giving Ginger a mixture of B vitamin complex, flaxseed oil and CLA, as well as a square of miso every day to help her body fight. Soy milk is also meant to help prevent tumors in rats.

Do you find yourself angered everytime you around this woman? Have you realized that she wants nothing to do with her grandchildren unless it is when they are an excuse for him to bring over for a visit? Has she threatened you behind your husband’s back and often started rumors with your community about you, as a person? Does she often cry to your husband, her son, about the aweful way you “supposingly” treat her? Lastly, would she be happier seeing her son miserable without you, just so she can pick up the pieces and make herself the number one priority? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then give her what she wants…her son. You will be much happier living without him than with living with him and his aweful monster-in-law!

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