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The years ending with ‘0’ have always been deemed a ‘big year’. (with the exception of turning 21). It’s the end of a decade; a chance to look back at your achievements and look forward with high hopes and expectations.

Last year I was the GRINCH. I felt so bad. I didn’t do the tree. Was going to get rid of all my Christmas decorations, the whole nine yards. I was through with Christmas. Looking at my kids with a couple little handmade gifts, no Christmas tree, no merriness or excitement, I felt horrible.

Shawls and ponchos are so popular for woman and girl’s fashion this year! You can crochet everything from a full-length poncho for outdoor wear, to a tiny patterned shawl or shrug. Crochet a rough wool poncho for wearing with jeans, or a lacy lure shawl for wear with an evening dress. This crocheted gift can fit any woman’s style.

Girls Gourmet Cupcake Maker from JAKKS Pacific – Since there’s a toy for both girl and boy, a toy primarily for a boy, it’s only fair to list one primarily for a girl. This would be that one – it does exactly what it sounds like it does, it allows your child to make cupcakes. And they don’t even need to be cooked! Mmmm Tasty! Warning: Do not eat.

Gift certificates, are another great idea. Ladies love to shop, and getting a gift certificate is even better because then they get to chose their own gift and don’t have to pay for shopping.

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit more than seeing decorations! Get your Christmas lights, tinsel, and stockings ready! Make your room into a festive affair. It’ll give you a boost handmade gifts during those study sessions for finals. Head to your closest dollar store to get inexpensive lights and other Christmas decorations. If you live in a dorm, keep the electrical requirements in mind so that you don’t blow and sockets.

Did you know that most of these “deals” rely on your resolution in order for them to make a sale, a quick buck? And they rely on “breakage” to make even more (sometimes bigger) bucks.

Repeat the process you used in making the arms to make the legs. Slide in at the bottom of the snowman and use a small amount of hot glue to hold the center in place.

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