Independent Music Promotion On The Web: 3 Steps To Success

Music promotion is no longer as simple as it used to be. At the same time, it can be far more profitable. If you know what you are doing, you can get music distribution from some of the most popular services such as iTunes and Amazon MP3, enabling you to reach a global market and increase your earning potential. While playing live shows, throwing in the occasional cover track, and mastering your songs to perfection, are still necessary, they are no longer the beginning and end of getting the word out. Online tactics are essential for making the most out of your online audience.

As an aspiring indie or unsigned singer, songwriter, or a musician in a band you can not do just a few things to promote yourself and expect success in your music career. Offline and online music promotion companies and marketing exposure is an ongoing process in this DIY age. Music companies are looking for artists that already have fan bases, sold CDs, and are proven ready to move up to a higher level. Presented here are more than 100 tips and ideas for you to think about and tweak as you will, to get noticed, gain fans, and get heard. You have to find a way to stand above the crowd, for talent alone is not enough.

Creating a buzz or hype is not your goal – it’s to release songs and sell music online. But that bottom line cannot be achieved without working your butt off. Do something everyday: reply to an email of a fan, send a CD to a music company, call a venue for a gig, talk to another artist for a collaboration – a cross-promotion – or post something interesting on your Facebook. The littlest things that you do add up to promote your music.

Wondering why your music isn’t getting the exposure it deserves? This could be due to a lack of promotional tactics. Promoting your music the right way will certainly increase your CD sales and expand your fan base! As a musician, you must already know that it’s not about what you know in the music industry, but who you know. There are a couple of basic rules that you must go by in order to reach the level of success you’re trying to get to. If you don’t know how to promote yourself, don’t expect the next person to do it for you!

CDBaby – The grandaddy of all indie music websites, CDBaby started with a simple business model. Bands can ship them CDs, which they sell and ship to fans, taking a few bucks off the top along the way. They provide fans with a trustworthy, simple way to buy music, and they provide bands with a way to sell music online that wouldn’t really be possible otherwise. CDBaby will even put your music on iTunes, Napster, and all of the other major music websites. They’ve got a great customer service team that really seems to care about music, and after a recent website update, their front page no longer looks like it was designed by a colorblind five year old in 1998. Get a CDBaby account if you’re serious about selling music online.

Have a theme or concept for your music video in relation to your song. A video should be able to stand on its own and the viewer must want to watch it again; this way, they can get others to watch it too! If your song is about heartbreak, change it up: instead of a singer emoting on screen – have backup dancers perform in slo-mo in the background!

To produce hip hop you will obviously need some equipment to start making the tracks and sequencing them. There is so much hardware and software to choose from that it boggles the mind. The best option to start is to look at software that will run on your home PC. Many of these programs come with drum beats, music loops, vocals and lots of effects so you can start straight away. Some of the bigger names to choose from include Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Fruit Loops and Reason. Which you choose is all down to preference. many of these programs have demos available so you can try before you buy.

For top-notch music distribution that could also help you get a headstart in music promotion, choose a digital music distribution partner that can really help you sell music online for it has a reach of over 750 retailers and mobile partners across 100 countries.

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