4 Ways To Protect You From Identity Theft

Every Military Family will over the years acquire mounds upon mounds of paperwork, from bank statements, credit card statements, wills, POA’s, loan documents, housing paperwork, to everything in between. One thing we learn quickly as a Military Family is it is important to keep documents organized or what our idea of organized is. Let’s face it; most of us are not as document organized as we would like to be, nor do we really need this huge mound of paperwork. But what should we keep and for how long? What is ok to toss? What papers should be kept in a safe or a safe deposit box? Which ones are ok to keep in a filing cabinet? And when on earth can we get rid of some of this crap?

Keep your social security number safe. Don’t carry your social security card replacement around with you or any other card that has your number on it. Don’t use your number on checks or bills that can be stolen.

One option to buy a computer with bad credit would be those rent to own stores. There are no credit checks. If you have bad credit you will definitely be able to purchase a computer this way. However you should be aware of a little bit about how rent to own operates. A significant majority of your weekly or monthly payments goes to the rent portion and just a little goes to the own portion. So by the time you’ve finish the rent to own agreement you could of bought two or three computers. For this reason rent to own may no be the best option. In fact, we recommend that rent to own should only be a last resort if you’re unable to finance a computer any other way.

Then, simply pay as much above-and-beyond the minimum payment every month on that account until the balance is completely paid off. Then, go back to your list of credit card balances and find the next-highest interest rate. Use the amount of the monthly payment from the first card you paid off and add it to the minimum payment amount of your second social security card replacement. Apply this total amount towards the second card balance. You will probably be shocked at the speed in which your credit cards will be paid off! Plus, you will probably be even more surprised to see how much you’ll save by paying these debts off early!

Traveling with a suitcase that has no dividers or compartments you can split your clothes up in can be tough. A great way to get around this problem is by placing a piece of cardboard between different clothing selections or items. Not only will you be able to separate your items, but you will come out looking more organized.

There are between 10-15 million people affected by Identity Theft Each Year. 10% of those victims are children. That means every 3 seconds a new person has their identity stolen. There are other ways to ensure the safety of you and your family’s identity. You just have to become aware of the threats around you and what you can do to avoid them. One of the most important steps a person can take in the fight against Identity Theft is to practice awareness for you and family.

Now, since we understand aging and how long an item can remain on your credit report, lets look into another item or entry. Federal Law says that a furnisher of information MUST report the date in which an account was first late and that triggers the commencement of the initial delinquency. There is a National bill collection agency by the name of NCO. In the summer of 2004 they were found guilty by the Federal Trade Commission of this violation and fined $ 1,500,000. That’s right! I said ONE POINT FIVE MILLION SMACKEROOS. Is that heavy? You bet your brother Fred’s new white pickup truck that is heavy.

If you are in a hurry to receive your new passport, you can pay an extra $60 for the expedited fee. You need to write EXPEDITED on the outside of the envelope. Mark it clearly so that when it arrives at its destination it will be handled properly. Another option you have is to visit a local agency that handles passports. You can find a local office by going to the website for the Bureau of Consular Affairs. This is the best option if you will need to have your passport in less than 2 weeks.

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